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SANSIN outdoor stain
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We love Sansin's SDF and Pressure Plus products, and stock the best selling colours here at our store in Lindsay. Interested in Sansin products or want to learn more, give us a call 705-878-5713 or check out for more product and application information. Please note that we are a Stocking Dealer, and that we do not custom tint stains at our location. We also have in stock interior and exterior top coat and clear products, brushes, rollers and more. 

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Sansin Naturals Colors.png
Sansin Translucent Colors.png


Sansin Saturated Colors.png
Sansin Solid Hide Colors Part 1.png


Solid Hide *


Sansin Ultra Saturated Colors.png
Sansin Solid Hide Colors Part 2.png

* These colors are available in SDF and ENS only.

Indicates which stains we regularly keep in stock (options and quantities may vary) PressurePlus in stock in all tints. 
Call us to confirm availability 705-878-5713

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