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Here at Woodview, we understand that the perfect mantle can be the centre piece of your home, and the necessary finishing touch on the hearth of your house, or cottage. One of a kind, unique mantles are always showcased in 'the big blue barn',
and are individually priced by size, character and species in our display racks.

Come see for yourself what is available in live edge hardwood, softwood, and thick timber pieces, new and reclaimed. Pine and Douglas Fir timber mantles can come square edged, or with an added custom hand hewn look to add texture and character with a consistent surface.

A variety of stains and finishing products are also in stock, as well as fasteners to mount your unique chosen piece. 

Feel free to come with pictures of looks that you like to help us understand what style and finish you're looking for.
Need inspiration? Check out some of the various styles of mantles below including reclaimed, rustic, classic, minimalist, chic,
live edge, and our personal favourite - chunky.

Country Style Living Room
Rustic Fireplace
Image by Mike Gattorna
Image by Paul Hanaoka
Image by Clay Banks
Image by Ostap Senyuk
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Jessica Johnston
Image by Tina Witherspoon
Image by Paul Hanaoka
Image by Gonzalo Kaplanski
Image by Hannah Busing
Image by Jake Goossen
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