Take your home improvements indoors this winter with interior applications of our timber posts and beams, tongue and groove v-joint and flooring, customizable interior pine shiplap and much more!  

Coziness just isn't complete without the warmth of wood to add dimension, and natural accents, to any interior space.  

Interior Wooden Beams
Modern Chalet Interior

We stock #1 Structural douglas fir Timber, White Pine TIMBER, Rough cut hemlockSelf tapping engineered timber screws, post base connectors, wood stain and more!


Call us for a quote on your home & backyard timber project, and let us help you bring the natural & beautiful look of timber to YOUR HOME ! 


Timber for Every Application

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Need Hardware?

Ask us about our engineered self tapping structural screws, post bases, connectors and more.

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We are a dealer of the following timber hardware brands: Simpson Strong-Tie, HECO Schrauben (Engineered Screws and Fasteners), Timberlinx (Timber Connectors), Pitzl (Post Bases) and more. Please reach out to us for pricing and availability on engineered hardware products.